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Essay on Buddhism

Introduction Among all the religions in the world, Buddhism is an important one. It is spread all over the world. There are many countries where Buddhists live in the majority like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan, etc. History Buddhism was founded in around the sixth century BCE by Gautama Buddha, son of king Shuddodana of Shakya. It is a major religion based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Apart from founding it, Gautama has worked on spreading it around the world. That’s why Buddhists worship him like a god. Facts of Buddhism Buddhists worship Gautama Buddha and follow his words. The places where Buddha spent his life have become a sacred place for them. Buddha had practiced meditation which has become an important thing for Buddhists. Tripitaka, Sutras, and The Book of the Dead are the three holy books in Buddhism. Festivals of Buddhism In Buddhism, there are mainly three festivals related to the Birth, enlightenment, and Death of Gautama Buddha. They also celebrate Buddha Purnima and Buddha New Year. Conclusion Buddhism is a religion of peace. It inspires people to work for achieving complete enlightenment. It wants a pure heart with a clear and selfless mind. Rising above the personal profit, thinking about social welfare is the objective of...

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Essay on Balanced Diet

Introduction According to a saying “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So it is very important to stay healthy to live happily. Various factors affect our health, but our food or diet is one that affects it the most. Balanced Diet A collection of such items in our meal, that are rich in protein, vitamin, calcium, iron, etc., and are healthy for our body, is called a Balanced Diet. Guide to a Balanced Diet We should include as many green vegetables in our meal as is possible. Eating fruits and drinking their juice can also benefit us in many ways. Grains like gram, barley which are rich in fibre and protein. Drinking plenty of water a day is also included in a balanced diet. Different dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, etc. have many benefits of consuming. Benefits of a Balanced Diet There are lots of benefits of a balanced diet. It helps in maintaining our weight. After decreases cholesterol level in our body and reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. With strong bones and teeth, it also keeps us fresh and active all the time. Conclusion A healthy body grows a healthy mind and a happy life. So we all should plan our meal based on a balanced...

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Essay on Hinduism

Introduction Hinduism is an important religion in the world. It exists for a long time in world history. It is probably the only religion with the most number of festivals occurring in a year. Its follower is called Hindu. History Hinduism is the most ancient and prestigious religion in the world. Many Scholars believe that it started around 4000 years ago. The major texts of Hinduism are Ramayan, Mahabharat, Geeta, Ved, Upanishad, etc. The followers of Hinduism visit temples to worship God. There are about 33 crore deities in Hinduism. Hinduism even worship animals, birds, trees, mountains, earth, sun, land, air, and all the objects that we can see and we can’t. Festivals It is said that in Hinduism, there are more festivals than the number of days in a year. The important festivals of Hinduism are Deepawali, Holi, Raksha-Bandhan, Shri Krishna Janmashtami, etc. These are just a few, but all the festivals in Hinduism are equally important. The best thing about them is that they are celebrated by the people of other religions with the same enthusiasm and charm. Conclusion There is no data available depicting the actual date of starting of Hinduism. It proves that Hinduism is perhaps the oldest among all the religions. It is not just a religion, but a way to live a...

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Essay on Christianity

Introduction Christianity is an important religion. It is practiced by people everywhere. It is mainly based on the life, teachings, and practices of Jesus Christ. He is considered the Son of God in Christianity. History Christianity was founded by a Jewish religious preacher Jesus Christ. He spread Christianity all around the world, and people considered him the son of god. He is still worshipped as a god by Christians. His teachings are the moral thoughts of Christianity. Background Though the followers of Christians are all around the world, the largest population resides in the United States. Christians visit the Church to worship Jesus Christ. Their sacred scripture is Bible which contains the complete life of Jesus Christ and compiles all his teachings. Festivals There are a few and important festivals in Christianity. These festivals are Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter, and Christian Year. All these Christian festivals are celebrated by the people of other religions as well. Even, Christmas Day, the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, is celebrated with huge enthusiasm across the world. Conclusion Christian is a religion of forgiveness. It teaches us to forgive those who hurt us. Christianity and its morals are the paths to spread...

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Essay on National Unity

Introduction Such countries where people from different religions and practices live together, national unity is the only thing common among them. It is their love for their nation. National Unity National Unity is a feeling among the people of a nation that binds them together to share a feeling of oneness. It has been an important factor for a nation since ancient times. Importance of National Unity National Unity holds the greatest importance for a nation. Only those nations are strong where national unity is found in the deep of its roots. The national unity unites the people of that nation and enables them to fight against the enemies. The feeling of national unity depends only on how much we love our country. It was the power of national unity when India fought with the outsiders and got freedom from their 200 years long slavery. To spread national unity, it is very important to respect our national symbols and national anthems well. Conclusion National Unity is a very important thing for the people of a nation. If there is a single person among billions of a nation who doesn’t maintain national unity, the nation can never be...

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