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Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th November every year on the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Pundit Nehru advocated for the educational rights of children and was fondly called “Chacha Nehru” by them. Before, the demise of Pundit Nehru, India was celebrating Children’s Day on 20th November, the date designated by the United Nations. After the death of Nehru in 1964 a resolution was passed to celebrate his birth day, 14th November as Children’s Day to honour him and also his popularity among the children.

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Children’s Day Essay 1 (100 words)

Children’s Day is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm on 14th of November. It is celebrated by the teachers and students in the schools and colleges with great passion and excitement. It is celebrated with lots of events and activities performed by the kids. School buildings get decorated with multicolor paints, colorful balloons and other decorative materials.

Children’s day is celebrated on 14th of November, the birth anniversary of Pt. Nehru, because he loved children so much. Children participate in the activities like singing songs in Hindi and English, poem recitation, speech, dance, etc to remember Chacha Nehru’s great works for the country.

Children's Day

Children’s Day Essay 2 (150 words)

14th of November is celebrated every year as children’s day. 14th November date is of great importance because it is the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the first Indian Prime Minister of independent India. He was very fond of the children and had great affection to them. He liked very much to be among children as well as talk and play with them. Children were used to of calling him as Chacha Nehru to show their love and respect.

On 14th of November, people (including cabinet ministers and high officials) start gathering at statue (where Chacha Nehru was cremated) in order to pay homage to Pt. Nehru and celebrate this great occasion. A big wreath of colorful flowers is placed by the officials at his Samadhi following the prayers and hymns chanting are held. Children perform many activities in their schools to celebrate this occasion and remember Pundit Nehru’s sacrifices, contributions towards country, achievements in international politics and peace efforts. Other cultural programmes including national songs, patriotic songs, speeches and stage short dramas are also organized.


Children’s Day Essay 3 (200 words)

14th of November is of great importance and celebrated as children’s day every year all over the India. 14th of November is the birthday of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru (first Indian Prime Minister). Children call him as Chacha Nehru as they love and respect him a lot. Pt. Nehru was very fond of children and always liked to be among them.

People start getting together at the cremation place of Pt. Nehru to pay homage to the great leader of India. Wreaths are placed at his Samadhi by the Prime Minister, President, Cabinet Ministers and high officials. Later prayers and hymns are chanted by the students in attractive manner. People celebrate this occasion by remembering his great sacrifices, contributions, achievements in international politics and peace efforts for country.

Various cultural programmes are organized and performed by the students in their schools and colleges to celebrate this with full joy and enthusiasm. Celebration takes its own form through the chanting of national songs and performances of stage short dramas. Celebration including other activities takes place at Teen Murti (where Pt. Nehru lived as Prime Minister) and at Parliament. Children follow all the footsteps of Pandit Nehru to be like him.


Children’s Day Essay 4 (250 words)

As we all know that children are bright of the country. They should be treated and appreciated well with lots of love and affection. In order to fulfill such type of needs regarding children, Children’s Day is celebrated all over India on 14th of November every year. It is celebrated in the memory of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to pay honor and respect. He was the first Prime Minister of India and most importantly a true friend of the children. He loved them a lot and always kept them near to his heart. He was generally called by the children as Chacha Nehru.

He was very fond of the children despite of his hectic life as Indian Prime Minister. He loved to stay and play with children. In order to pay him a tribute, his birth anniversary was started celebrating as the Children’s Day since 1956. Chacha Nehru said that children are the future of the country so it is necessary to love and care them until they stand on their own leg. Children’s day celebration is a call to everyone to protect their little ones from any harm and save their future for bright future of the country.

Children in our country have been forced for hard labour for long hours at very little pay. They have not access to the modern education that’s why they remain backward. They need to raise their status which is possible when every Indian citizen would understand their responsibility. They are valuable asset and future of the country as well as hope of tomorrow. Children’s day celebration is a right step regarding their bright future.


Children’s Day Essay 5 (300 words)


Children’s day is celebrated on birth anniversary of the Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. According to him, children are bright future of the country. He was well known that bright future of the country depends upon the bright future of the children. He said that, a country cannot be well developed if its children are weak, poor and improperly developed. When he realized children as future of country, he declared his birthday to be celebrated as children’s day in order to completely focus and improve the status of children in the country. Children’s day is being celebrated since 1956 on 14th of November every year all over India.


Why it is Necessary:

Children’s day celebration is very necessary to be celebrated every year in order to aware people about the real status of children, importance of children in the country as well as improve their status to make their future bright because they are the future of country. Children day celebration provides big opportunity to everyone especially neglecting people of the country. It force them to think about future of their children by realizing them duty and responsibility towards children. It makes people aware about the past status of children in the country and what should be real status of them for bright future of country. It is possible only if each and every individual would understand their responsibility towards their children.

How it is celebrated:

It is celebrated with lots of activities (related to children to build them ideal citizens) everywhere in the country. Many competitions held in the schools regarding children health in every aspect like physically, mentally and morally. People take pledge at this day to never neglect their children and realize that they are father of man. At this day, children are distributed new garments and rich food including picture books.


Children’s Day is celebrated to make people aware that children are the real future of the country. So everyone should understand their responsibility towards their children and realize the importance of the children’s day celebration.


Children’s Day Essay 6 (400 words)

Children’s Day is celebrated all over India on 14th of November to commemorate the birth anniversary of first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 14th of November is celebrated as children’s day every year with lots of joy and enthusiasm. It is celebrated to pay tribute to the great leader of the country as well as improve status of the children all over the nation. Children love to say him Chacha Nehru because of his deep affection and love towards children. Chacha Nehru was extremely fond of the young children. Because of his love and passion towards children, his birth anniversary has been marked as Children’s Day to always honor childhood. Children’s day is commemorated every year on a national level in almost all schools and colleges.

Children’s Day is celebrated in the schools to focus on children and their enjoyment. Even after being an eminent figure and national leader, he loved children so much and spends a lot of precious time with them. It is celebrated with great joy in schools and educational institutions all over the India to mark it as a grand fiesta. Schools remain open at this day so that every child may attend the school and participate in numerous activities and events. Various cultural programs and events are organized by the teachers for students speeches, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, quizzes, storytelling, poem recitation, fancy dress competition, debates, and so many.

Winning students are motivated through rewards by the school authority. Organizing events is not only responsibility of the schools but also the social and corporate institutions. Students fully enjoy this day as they can wear any formal and colorful dress as they wish. At the end of celebration students are distributed sweets and luxurious delicacies as lunch. Teachers also participate in various cultural activities like dramas and dances for their beloved students. Students also enjoy picnics and tours with their teachers. At this day, special programs are run by the media on TV and radio especially for children to honor them at Children’s Day as they are future leaders of the nation.

Children are the valuable asset of the nation and only hope of the tomorrow. In order to focus on children’s status in every aspect, Chacha Nehru decided his own birth date to be celebrated as children’s day forever in India to enlighten India a day by making each and every child’s future bright.


Long Essay on Children’s Day Celebration in Our School – Essay 7 (800 words)


Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November each year. 14th November is the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was extremely fond of children. He believed that it is our duty to nurture children with utmost love, care and affection and help them become good human beings as they are the future of our country. He was fondly referred to as Chacha Nehru. 14th November is being celebrated as Children’s Day since his death in the year 1964. It is a way to remember him and his love for children.

Children’s Day: A Grand Celebration in Schools

Children’s Day calls for a special celebration each year. It is celebrated with great zeal in various schools and colleges across India. Special events are organised and students are encouraged to participate whole heartedly in these events. The school management and teachers take it as their responsibility to organize these events and make sure everything is arranged well.

Children’s Day Celebration in Our School

Our school celebrates Children’s Day with immense enthusiasm each year. The entire school is decorated up with flowers, paintings and balloons. Our teachers work hard to decorate each class, corridor and other parts of the school. Students are asked to prepare different drawings, collages and craft items that are used for decoration.

We especially look forward to this day as it is filled with numerous fun-filled activities. Our teachers start preparing us for different performances almost a month prior to the event. Here are some of the special activities form parts of the Children’s Day celebration in our schools.

  • Speeches

The celebration begins with a speech by our principal. This speech is very encouraging and inspiring. Many of our teachers also come forward to deliver speeches on this day. They share their childhood experiences including those of schools; which they cherish till today. They also share how they are making efforts to nurture their students well. It is great to listen to their experiences. They also talk at length about Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru and his love for children.

  • Dance Performances

Several dance performances are lined up for Children’s Day event. Students from different classes give group dance performances. Many students also give solo dance performances. This is the most interesting part of the event. I especially enjoy dance performances on latest dance tracks. I have participated in many group dances on Children’s Day and have also received award for the same.

  • Singing Competition

Singing competitions are also organized to add colour to the event. Our music teacher puts in a lot of efforts to prepare students for this competition. It is a treat to listen to the melodious voices of our fellow students.

  • Painting Competition

Painting competition also forms an essential part of the Children’s Day event. Children use their creativity and come up with different kinds of paintings. A winner among them is announced by the end of the day. I love painting and make it a point to participate in the painting competition each year though I have never won a prize for it.

  • Essay Writing

Essay writing competition is held class-wise. The student who writes the best essay is presented with an award. One student is selected for the award from each class.

  • Debate and Quiz Competition

Debate and quiz competitions are also held to rejoice the day. Students work hard to prepare for these competitions and give their best shot to win the same.

  • Puppet Show/Magic Show

To make the event all the more fun, our school organizes puppet show or magic show each year. We eagerly await these shows. These shows are conducted after the performances by the students. Not only the students but the teachers also enjoy these shows equally.

Break from the Routine

Children’s Day is a day specially dedicated to the students. It is our day and we are made to feel special on this day. Our teachers come up with different innovative ideas to make this day appear extraordinarily good for us. We especially look forward to this day as it offers the much needed break from our mundane school routine.

We come dressed up in casuals and there are hardly any classes conducted on this day. Before the Children’s Day event begins, we mostly spend an hour with our class teacher in our respective classrooms. However, it is unlike the other classroom sessions. Our teacher talks to us about our interests, hobbies and ambitions. It is an interactive session where we get to learn more about our teacher and fellow students. The session is conducted to strengthen the student-teacher bond.


Children’s Day is a special day for every child. Children’s Day celebrations at school add colour to this day. It is a great way to shower love on children and show them that they are valued.



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