Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day Celebration holds special place in our hearts simply because we all love children. Don’t we? They are the future; the torch bearer of our country and they should simply not be neglected. Since the day is around the corner, welcome speeches for Children’s Day Celebration have been prepared which are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration in English

Here are both short welcome speech for Children’s Day Celebration as well as long speech for Children’s Day Celebration keeping in mind the importance of the subject and the need of our audience. Both type of speeches convey the quintessential emotions to the children and make them realize that they truly are a great treasure for our country which we need to preserve and mould them into bright and mature youth.

Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration 1

Good Morning One and All! I take this wonderful opportunity to welcome our dear students on this propitious occasion of Children’s Day.

This day is very important in the life of a child as well as their parents. The day reminds us about our duties towards you all. You are like a tender buds, who in whichever way can be molded. This implies that you children are so innocent that any wrong kind of schooling can adversely affect your personality.

This is the right age when every child needs appropriate education, you need to be taught good things in life and you should learn from your mistakes; they are also your best teachers in life. Mistakes teach you to identify your weaknesses and overcome them. Children are important all over the world. So, Children’s Day is celebrated in various countries with equal pomp and show. United Nations, one of the biggest organizations in the world, too celebrates Children’s Day but on 20th November every year.

In India we celebrate it on 14th November due to a certain reason. The historical background associated with this date is that it happens to be Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary, who was also the first Prime Minister of India. He had a great love for children and was fond of spending his time with young kids like you all. Children affectionately referred him as Chacha Nehru. After his death in 1959, a decision was taken to celebrate Children’s Day on his birth anniversary; to commemorate his love for the children.

He believed that children are creation of god and their innocence melts anybody’s heart. A child’s sweet smile brings a big smile on your face automatically. It acts as a soothing balm to both parents and teachers. I still remember those days when I used to be tired from household work and as soon as I use to enter my class, my tiredness ended by seeing your happy smiles. School is considered to be second home for your children; we teachers not only impart education and knowledge but also become parents in certain circumstances as every child has a different talent. We nurture every seed and mould the child according to his strength and weaknesses.


Therefore, Teachers should not leave any opportunity to let this treasure of talent out of their students as children need encouragement both at home and school. Children’s day is celebrated with lots of fun and frolic activities like games, sports, indoor games, outdoor games, dance, drama play, national songs, speech, essay writing etc activities and all. This is the day which removes all the barriers against children and allows them to celebrate as they want. Students like you should be motivated by the teachers to show their talents on this occasion by participating in the quiz competitions or other type of competitions like painting, modern dress show, singing and cultural programs.

You now can enjoy the fun filled activities and participate in various competitions arranged by us.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration 2

Good Morning Respected Principal, Teachers and My Dear Loving Students!

Today is a very auspicious event of Children’s Day, which is celebrated among all of us. As we all agree you children are the bright sunshine of the society, the seed of a plant that will nurture our country’s future.

Children’s day is celebrated all over the world to cherish and adore the innocence of children like you, to make you feel special for your role in the world and show you the positive side of being a child. In India Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November which is also considered to be the birth anniversary of great Indian freedom fighter and our first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru.

His birth anniversary is celebrated as children’s day all over the country because of his immense love and affection for children. He was a change maker, not only in the freedom fight but also in social change. Our first Prime Minister was a man of high ideas, and believed in equality between both male and female. He strived towards making this country equal in all terms which includes equality in relation to wealth, education etc. He believed that the strength of a country, is its young people and children who help in developing our country through their new ideas and innovative methods.


This admirable ideology and love for children is the main cause that we celebrate Children’s Day on his birth anniversary, to pay him respect and tribute. It is not only a day to celebrate the work of our first Prime Minister, but also to make the children feel special and loved. It is celebrated every year to make everyone realize the importance of children and their thoughts which are very crucial for our country and its culture.

This day helps us to acknowledge the value of you all in our lives and how we need to take proper care of you, which not only includes love but keeping you away from social evils of society which have destroyed the fabric of the state. I wish that you all should never lose the innocence of your childhood and should never get influenced from this cruel world.

Children’s day is to ensure that it is our duty to provide you with a happy atmosphere at both home and school. We all understand that the incidents that are happening around us today, no one is safe and we all need to assure you of that precious safety. Children are being easy targets to rapidly growing crime as you can be handled easily. This kind of crime can only be restricted by providing education to all members of our society.

We all can make this day even more special by donating clothes and books to children of your age who are not able to afford education and basic healthcare. We all should collectively start this initiative and bring happiness in those people’s lives who do not have such kind of facilities which God has bestowed upon us.

Now I would want you all to enjoy various activities that we have planned for you on this wonderful occasion. Enjoy a fun filled day!

Thank You!

Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration 3

A Very Good Morning to everyone gathered here to celebrate the Children’s Day today. I wish you all my dear students a very Happy Children’s Day. I, being the Vice Principal of this school welcome you all on this wonderful occasion.

At this juncture, I would take pleasure to deliver a speech as to why the birth anniversary of Pundit Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. It has been officially declared by the UN General Assembly to celebrate Children’s day on 20th November every year, yet it is celebrated on 14th November all over India annually on the account of birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. This is the main historical background behind celebrating Children’s Day.

His birthday has been chosen to be celebrated as Children’s Day due to his great love, care and affection for the children. He wanted to be surrounded by children throughout his life and worked hard for the betterment of children and youth of the country just after we attained Independence.

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was very much enthusiastic and warm hearted towards children especially about their welfare, rights, education and overall improvement in order to make this country a developed nation. He was very much concerned about the health and welfare of the children in India, so he worked hard for them so that they could get the rights that they deserve. He was called as Chacha Nehru by the children because of his selfless affection to them.

You should remember that childhood is the best phase of life which you all should live happily without any complaints. This phase would never come back where you can live life without any responsibilities. After a certain point in time, when you all grow up, you would have to take care of everybody which will make you responsible and you lose your innocence. This phase also prepares you to be motivated and develop your ambitions which in turn would help you attain a successful career in life.

If children like you are unhealthy from mind and body, you cannot give your best to the nation in near future. So, the juvenile phase of your life is the most significant phase which every parent and teacher should nourish with their love, care and affection. As being the citizen of the country, we should understand our responsibilities and save the future of the nation.

Children’s Day is celebrated with lots of fun and activities like games, sports, indoor games, outdoor games, dance etc. in several schools and colleges. In a similar manner we also have contributed in making this day a happy one for you all by arranging fun filled activities. This is the day which removes all the barriers against children and allows them to celebrate as they want.

Students should be motivated by teachers to showcase their talents on this occasion by participating in distinctive competitions which also gives them an insight about their strengths and weaknesses. We want that you should cherish these wonderful moments for your entire lifetime which will ultimately fulfill our objective of sighting you as happy and content.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Children’s Day Celebration 4

Good Morning Everyone! I thank you all for being present on this beautiful occasion of Children’s Day. This day is celebrated every year on 14th November.

We welcome our adorable students to this program which we have arranged in order to make you satisfied and happy. It’s once in a while when you all can do what you want. You are considered to be the building blocks of our country and will remain to be so. It’s important that every parent and teacher on this day should take an oath to protect our tender buds from all kinds of wrong doings happening around us. Crimes against children shatter us to bits and every human being on this earth should understand the value of a child.

You are the ones who in certain circumstances give us huge ideas in life. Your innocence melts everybody’s heart but still some people involve in crime in relation to young minds. The crime rate against children in India has been increasing at a rapid pace which leads me to advice you all to keep yourself alert at every moment in life. Be safe and secure from your end. It is our responsibility too to keep you safe and sound as school is believed to be your second home.

Every child born on this mother earth has the right to basic education and healthcare like you all deserve in your childhood, but this is not the scenario. There is certain alarming ratio that I need to make you all aware about. You might have seen young children on roads and traffic lights begging for food. Have you ever wondered why do they dwell in such kind of activity? The fact of the matter is there are huge numbers of children in India who do not attend schools, as their parents are not able to afford their schooling; which leads them to working as menial laborers.

Government of India has taken certain stringent measures to stop child labor but there are still several people who force children like you to work as laborers. If ever you see such a condition, then you should immediately inform the police which will make you a responsible citizen of our country. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was a famous statesman and first Prime Minister of our country too stressed on the fact that you all are the building blocks of our nation. If you unite together then you all can become a strong force and fight against social evils prevalent in our country which have the ability to destroy social fabric of our society.

You all being young minds can develop new ideas and take our country to new heights. It is the day which unites everyone together without any barriers in our heart and soul. Thus, on this special day of yours dear children, we teachers collectively wish you happy Children’s Day and pray to god that you all will be able to achieve your dreams and objectives without facing any obstacle in life and make your parents and teachers feel pompous of your success.

You can now enjoy the colorful events of the day.

Thank You!



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