Children’s Day Speech for Teachers

Children’s Day holds special importance in our country for an obvious reason and it was due to the immense love of Chacha Nehru for the children that a special day, i.e. 14th November his birth anniversary; has been dedicated to children. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm particularly in schools where teachers and principals address their students and express their affection towards them.

Needless to say, Children’s Day Speech becomes really important; through them the students – the youth of our country – are addressed. Ideally, a teacher is expected to address the students and therefore Children’s Day Speeches for Teachers have been comprehensively prepared which are easy to understand and yet that can leave an impact on the students.

Long and Short Speech on Children’s Day by Teachers in English

Here are both long speeches on Children’s Day as well as short speech on Children’s Day which are written from the point of view of the teachers. So read on to know more!

Children’s Day Speech for Teachers 1

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and My Dear Students – I thank you all for giving me this wonderful opportunity to deliver a speech on the very special occasion, which is Children’s Day.

This day is celebrated every year on 14 November which is also commemorated as the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. His fondness for children was admirable and he had a deep bonding with students like you. I believe every teacher loves his/her students as you are the one who motivate us to come to school every day and teach students like you.

“Chacha Nehru” as he was fondly called had a clear vision for the nation as he believed that the development of our country is possible when young people like you all will take responsibility and charge of various development activities of our Nation. He deliberated that through enthusiasm and aspirations of children only will we be able to achieve the glory that Indian Society is worthy.

It’s not only our school which loves to celebrate Children’s day with fun activities and entertainment programs, but several other institutions too host exciting competitions for children. The day, cannot be complete without reflecting on the values and morals that Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru left behind for us so that you all could follow his footsteps and achieve great success in life with his estimable values. He belonged to a privileged family background but his outlook never reflected that kind of opulence and luxury. He could have easily received a renowned position in the British Administration due to his association with royal families but he left behind the materialistic life and decided to join the Indian National Movement with Mahatma Gandhi.

This story about Pundit Nehru’s life is hidden with certain effective morals which would give you an insight as to why one should not follow materialistic lifestyle as it survives for a certain period of time, rather simple living helps you attain a successful and preeminent career. Nehru Ji dedicated his entire life for the country and this is how every child present here should select a rightful path which will take our country to glory.


Far from cherishing children like you who are our country’s building blocks, the children of our nation are fighting with deep rooted problems which include poor state of basic education and healthcare. There are several children who work all day long in small workshops and could not even afford a square meal once in a day. On certain days and nights, they sleep empty stomach without meals, and we here crave for little things in life without even thinking about those kids. There could not be another day where I could convey these alarming situations to you.

Thus, once again I would like to wish you all a very Happy Children’s Day and lets us all celebrate this day with joy and appreciate the gift of childhood that has been bestowed upon us.

Therefore, I would request you all that whenever you receive an opportunity, help these children and fulfill Nehru Ji’s dreams for a better society and building an integrated nation.

Thank You!


Children’s Day Speech for Teachers 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and Dear students – Warm Greetings to everyone!

I Sumita Sharma, teacher of the Humanities section, take immense pleasure to deliver a speech on Children’s Day which is celebrated every year on 14th November. Do you all know why is Children’s Day celebrated?

This auspicious occasion is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India. Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the most prominent personalities of India. He had a charming personality with charismatic leadership.

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was a very admirable statesman as well as a deserving politician. He was popular among children as Chacha Nehru. According to his belief, he considered children as the future of our country. He emphasized that children have innocent hearts and they win the hearts of everyone with their acquitted and angel smile. Children were considered as building blocks for our nation and he never discriminated between a girl and a boy. For him equality was a wining ideal for any nation.


This day is celebrated across the country with fun and frolic. Teachers together with other colleagues across schools arrange stage shows to entertain you all. Even we have arranged for sweets and fun filled activities like plays, tambola competition and ramp shows. We hope you would enjoy our performances.

We all want that you children should also follow Pundit Nehru’s ideals which will develop your personality and you could become a great leader like him in near future. He was a man of courage and words. Never give up ideology was his distinctive characteristic. He had to go to jail many times, though he did not get tired and continued his fight by suffering all the punishments.

Nehru’s administration helped the All India Institute of Medical Sciences which in today’s scenario is considered as one of biggest hospital. Indian Institute of Technology, and National Institute of Technology were also established and are deliberated to be greatest institutions of higher education. He was instrumental in establishing many other Indian institutions, and guarantee free and compulsory primary education to children of India. While serving his country, he enjoyed the prestigious status and was widely praised internationally for his idealism and politics.

This clearly reveals how committed Nehru Ji was regarding children getting proper education as he believed Children to be the future of the country. The progress of our country is dependent on the development of our children. You are considered as building blocks of a strong nation.

If you all come together collectively then you can bring about revolutionary changes in our country. You are responsible citizens of tomorrow because the development of the country is in your hands. I hope I have been able to address this gathering well. You all now can proceed towards enjoying activities that have been displayed across stalls for you. Enjoy the day to the core.

Thank You!

Children’s Day Speech for Teachers 3

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Dear Colleagues and My Adorable Students – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

On this auspicious occasion of Children’s Day, I would like to thank everyone for giving me this wonderful opportunity to speak before you all on this fun filled day. Children are the future of any nation. They are the foundation on which the development and success of the nation is based. This day is also commemorated as birth anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. He is still fondly remembered as Chacha Nehru by the children.

Nehru Ji believed that for the welfare and progress of our country, we require young minds; who have the ability to build new ideas and shape our country in a manner which would be fruitful for future generation. His ideology was mainly inclined on the belief that with the establishment of various educational institutions we can nurture our future pool of talents.

Primary and elementary education was the crux of his ideas and that is the main reason which proves that he admired children. Free meals were provided during his tenure to school children like you, which included milk and healthy meals which would prevent malnutrition in India. Children’s Day is the time to re-establish awareness among people of India about the importance of safeguarding the rights and privileges of children as you are the future of our nation.

We celebrate Children’s Day with lots of happiness but have you ever wondered what about children who are not able to go to schools due to certain circumstances in their household. The state of children in India is a far-fetched dream to what Nehru Ji visualized. Child labor is a menace in India where children your age serve food to people in restaurants, wash dishes; leave aside the dream of education. Wherever you find children working and getting exploited, you as young minds should take initiative and restrict this kind of exploitation.

The main cause of child labor has been poverty and illiteracy. The huge gap between rich and poor is getting widened due to improper distribution of wealth. Children belonging to families below the poverty line are the ones who are adversely affected due to this scenario. They have no other option but to feed themselves through working as unskilled labor, rather it is their age to attend schools and receive knowledge and play in parks like you children.

It’s not only the state which is responsible for all this menace; but, we all are equally responsible. Turning a blind eye to such crime is also considered as a major crime. We collectively can initiate programs to help these children. We should start working towards it by implementing these thoughts in our home itself. Stop employing children as domestic help and whoever does it, make them aware. You all can donate your old books and stationary to these kids so that even they can get at least little amount of education.

Let’s join hands and help these children in what they deserve. By doing this, you will be helping the progress and development of our country.

Thank You!


Children’s Day Speech for Teachers 4

Good morning Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students!

As we all know that we are gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India which is also celebrated as Children’s Day. With immense pleasure, I would like to speak on this great occasion and make this occasion a memorable one for all of you.

14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day every year all over India in several schools and colleges. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day because of his great love and affection for the children of the nation. He had given much importance to the children throughout his life and loved to talk and interact with them. He always liked to be among children and surrounded by them. He is fondly called as Chacha Nehru due to his admirable love for children.

In India, this day is celebrated with lot of respect and happiness. Cabinet ministers and high officials including other people gather at Shanti Bhavan early morning to pay homage and tribute to the great leader and an admirable statesman. They place flower garland at the Samadhi and perform prayers and then chanting of hymns takes place. A heartily tribute is paid to Chacha Nehru for his selfless sacrifices, encouraging youths, peaceful political achievements, etc.

He was very fond of children despite his hectic life as Indian Prime Minister. He loved to stay and play with children. In order to pay him a tribute, his birth anniversary was started celebrating as Children’s Day. Chacha Nehru said that children are the future of the country so it is necessary to love and give them care until they become independent and take the reins of their life in their own hands. Children’s day celebration is a call to everyone to protect the children from any harm and save their future to maintain bright future of the country.

Children in our country have been forced for hard labor for long hours at very little pay. Some of them have no access to modern education and that is the main reason why they are can never leave the vicious cycle of labor. They need to raise their status which is possible when every Indian citizen like us would understand our responsibility. They are valuable assets and future of the country as well as hope of tomorrow. Children’s day celebration is a right step regarding their bright future.

You as young minds can help stop these problems in India by collaborating with each other and initiating programs which can support these children. You can take help from Non-Governmental Organizations who are already working in establishing a bright future for these children. What do you do with your old books? The best that can be done is by donating these books to several NGO’s prevalent in our country which would reach those children automatically. It’s not only books, but you can also contribute your old clothes and blankets as winter is just round the corner and this will save them from chilling weather.

You all now can enjoy your day with various activities arranged for you.

Thank You!



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