Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Essay

Every year Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi as he is popularly known. Mahatma Gandhi was a great freedom fighter and a mass leader, representing the poor and deprived Indians of British era. He policy of truth and non-violence was an instant hit, making him a renowned political reader worldwide. His methods of peaceful protests included every common Indian into the freedom struggle. United Nations passed a resolution on 15th June 2007, declaring 2nd October to be celebrated as International Day of Non violence. Therefore, the birthday of Gandhi Jayanti is more of a spiritual celebration of truth and non violence. People remember his teachings and principles and vow to implement them in their own lives.

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Short Essay on Gandhi Jayanti Celebration – Essay 1 (200 words)

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on the 2nd of October each year. It is the birthday of the great Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three National festivals of our country and like any other Indian festival this too is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

Schools especially make special arrangements and put in a lot of efforts to celebrate this day. Students get involved in decorating the school for the occasion. Under the guidance of their teachers, students prepare posters and craft items relevant to the occasion. These things are used to decorate the school. In many schools, students from the primary wing come dressed up as Gandhi ji, Lal Bahadur Shastri, who shares his birthday with Mahatma Gandhi, and other freedom fighters. Debate, essay, painting and fancy dress competitions are also held.

Gandhi Jayanti celebration is also held in offices and residential colonies. People gather together to honour our great freedom fighter without whose efforts Indian independence may not have been possible. Songs are sung in his praise and speeches are delivered. The entire atmosphere is filled with the feeling of patriotism.

Many political leaders visit Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial located at Rajghat, Delhi to pay homage to his departed soul.

Gandhi ji is remembered fondly and will always remain in our hearts.


Essay on Importance of Gandhi Jayanti – Essay 2 (300 words)


Gandhi Jayanti, celebrated on 2nd October each year, is a day of national importance. Indians hold high regard for Mahatma Gandhi and this day happens to be his birthday. It is celebrated in schools, colleges, offices and various other places across India.


Pay Respect to Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most respected and revered Indian freedom fighters. His method of working was quite different from other leaders of his time. While most freedom fighters believed that violence and aggression were the only means to drive the British out, Mahatma Gandhi advocated the path of non-violence and truth. Without any violence and without any physical harm to anyone, Mahatma Gandhi managed to create a strong impact on the British. His peaceful yet powerful freedom movements inspired many Indians to join him and together they created a huge impact.

Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies became popular during his time and are followed even today. Gandhi Jayanti is a way to honour this great soul who holds immense importance for the Indians.

Invoke Patriotism in Younger Generation

Our younger generation isn’t as attached to the country and doesn’t realise the actual meaning of freedom. This is because they haven’t really seen the struggle their former generations went through to attain freedom. Instead of being proud of the country and serving it, the new generation is largely looking for opportunities to settle abroad and improve their lifestyle.

Gandhi Jayanti and other National festivals of our country are a way to invoke patriotism in the younger generation by acquainting them with our past. This day actually see people coming forward and soaking in the feeling of patriotism. It invokes the feeling of doing something good for the country.


Gandhi Jayanti is thus an important day for all the Indians. It brings back the memories of the struggle and sacrifices of Gandhi ji and other freedom fighters and inspire us to work hard for the development of our country just as they did.


Essay on Gandhi Jayanti Celebration in Schools – Essay 3 (400 words)


Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with immense zeal in various schools across India. It falls on the 2nd of October and is a national holiday as it is one of the three national festivals of our country. Thus, most schools celebrate it a day before the actual occasion that is on the 1st of October. A number of activities are planned for Gandhi Jayanti celebration in schools. Teachers as well students look forward to these celebrations and take an active part in the same.


Gandhi Jayanti Celebration in Schools

In most of the schools, the students are made to study as per the time table during the first half of the day and the celebration is done past the recess. Few teachers, students and support staff decorate the school with tri-colour balloons, ribbons, flags and Gandhi ji’s posters and quotations. Some of the activities planned for Gandhi Jayanti celebration are as follows:

  1. Speeches

Students are made to sit in the school auditorium or on ground. The principal and other members from the school staff address the students. They give speeches on Mahatma Gandhi. They talk about his ideologies to inspire the students and show them the right path in life. They also speak about the struggle Gandhi ji went through and how he still continued to work hard to achieve his aim of India’s independence. These speeches are truly inspiring for the students.

  1. Competitions

Many competitions such as painting competition, debate competition, essay writing competition and fancy dress competition are organized on this day. The theme of all these competitions is Gandhi ji and patriotism. Students are encouraged to take part in these competitions. The aim behind organizing these competitions is to make the students feel more connected to the country. Fancy dress competitions are especially fun. It is a treat to see little kids dressed up as Gandhi ji and other freedom fighters.

Prizes are given to the students who perform well to encourage greater participation.

  1. Patriotic Songs

Patriotic songs are sung in Mahatma Gandhi’s praise. Students sing songs on stage and are joined by those sitting in the audience as the entire school is seen immersed in patriotism. Bapu’s favourite song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is specially sung on this occasion. Singing competitions are also held wherein students are seen singing songs in Gandhi ji’s praise.


Gandhi Jayanti celebration in schools is a great way to instil the feeling of patriotism among students. It is also a good way to inspire the students to follow the path of truth and non-violence.


Essay on Gandhi Jayanti Celebration in National Capital – Essay 4 (500 words)


Many events are organized throughout India to celebrate the birthday of the Father of the Nation that falls on the 2nd of October. However, the main Gandhi Jayanti celebration is held in the country’s capital that encompasses the Gandhi Memorial. Gandhi ji’s statues across the city are cleaned thoroughly and decorated with garlands on the occasion. Market places, offices, residential colonies and schools are decked up with flags, flowers and other decorative items to celebrate the occasion.

Political Leaders Visit Gandhi Memorial

Gandhi Memorial is located in the heart of the national capital of India. It is the place where Gandhi ji was laid to rest on 30th January 1948. The memorial is a symbol of peace, truth and non-violence – the ideologies advocated by Mahatma Gandhi. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Prime Minister of India and many other political leaders visit the memorial to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Prayer meeting is arranged at Raj Ghat and the leaders visiting there attend the same after offering flowers and garlands at the Gandhi Memorial. Bhajans are sung during these prayer meetings and people remember the inspiring ideologies of Bapu.

School Children Visit Gandhi Memorial

Some schools in Delhi and NCR take their students to the Gandhi Memorial to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation. Students are usually taken to the place a day before Gandhi Jayanti. Students offer flowers at the memorial and pray for his departed soul. Teachers acquaint the students about the heroic deeds of Mahatma Gandhi during this short trip.

Gandhi Jayanti Events across the National Capital

Numerous big and small events are arranged on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti throughout the national capital.

  • Patriotic songs are played on loud speakers at market places to fill the atmosphere with patriotism. Live band performances are also organized at certain places in the capital. These bands sing patriotic songs to add to the colour of the day.
  • Special shows are organized in malls and other places on this occasion. During these shows, the hosts usually ask questions from the general public to invoke mass participation. The questions are mostly based on Gandhi ji’s life, work and ideologies. Singing and painting competitions are also held as a part of these events. This is a good way to celebrate the occasion.
  • Residential societies also celebrate the day by organizing small events wherein speeches are delivered and people remember Gandhi ji. Drawing and fancy dress competitions are organized during these events to encourage children to be a part of the same.
  • The offices of many political leaders are seen decked up with garlands. Since it is a national holiday, the political leaders also take a break from work on this day and visit each other to share ideas and opinions.
  • Other offices as well as educational institutes in the capital are also decorated to celebrate this special day. Gandhi Jayanti celebration at such places is usually done a day before because of holiday on 2nd


People in the national capital are known to have a hectic lifestyle. It is really good to see them taking out time in the middle of the mad rush to remember and honour our great Indian leader.


Long essay on Gandhi Jayanti Celebration – Essay 5 (600 words)


Gandhi Jayanti falls on the 2nd of October and is among the three national festivals of our country. It is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi who was one of the most loved Indian political leaders. Just as the Independence Day and Republic Day, the entire country is immersed in patriotism on this day as well. Numerous events are organized in different parts of the country to celebrate this occasion. Schools, colleges, offices, political institutions, residential societies, malls and market places throughout the country are decorated to honour Mahatma Gandhi and celebrate his birthday.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration in Schools

Schools in India especially make it a point to celebrate the birthday of Gandhi ji who is fondly referred to as Bapu. The celebrations in schools are mostly held a day before as Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday. The schools are decorated with various decorative items to welcome the day with complete fervour.

Several events and activities are organized as a part of Gandhi Jayanti celebration each year. Students from the primary classes dress up as Gandhi ji and sing his favourite bhajan, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram. Special assemblies are organized on this day wherein students are encouraged to speak about this great freedom fighter of our country. The principal and other teachers deliver speeches about Gandhi ji. They use this as a platform to sensitize the students about the importance of staying humble, speaking truth and avoiding violence.

Many competitions including fancy dress competition, painting competition, debate competition and poetry recitation competitions are held as a part of Gandhi Jayanti celebration in schools. Teachers make it a point that large number of students participate in these competitions. Quiz competitions are also organized to know how much the students and teachers know about the life and struggle of Mahatma Gandhi. Prizes are given to those who perform well in these competitions.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration in Residential Societies

Residential societies also celebrate this day. The celebrations usually take place during the morning hours. Loud speakers are installed on this special occasion to play patriotic songs. This is a good way to invoke patriotism and encourage people to join the celebration. People usually gather in the society park or auditorium and remember Gandhi ji on this day. Dance, drawing and fancy dress competitions are held and children are seen participating in the same.

These events are usually followed by brunch. It is a good time for the residents to bond with each other and share ideas on how they can contribute towards the betterment of their society which in turn can help the country in a positive way.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration: A Way to Spread Gandhian Ideologies

Violence and crime are on an all time rise these days. People are losing patience and becoming short tempered. Cases of people shooting and killing others over petty issues surface every now and then. It is important to make our future generations realize that violence always leads to trouble and that things can be sorted with love.

Gandhi Jayanti celebration is a great way to emphasize the importance of truth and non-violence which is missing in people today. Gandhiji’s life serves as an inspiration for others to follow the path of truth and non-violence. Emphasizing his ideologies can actually help in bringing down the level of violence in our country as it does have a positive impact on the youths of the country. However, not just on Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi ji’s ideologies must be stressed upon all through the year to make our society more peaceful.


Gandhi Jayanti is a special day for every Indian. It is celebrated with great zeal all through the country. Prayer meetings are held and songs are sung in Bapu’s praise on this day. It is a great way to pay respect to one of the greatest leaders of all times.



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