Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India every year on 2nd October to commemorate the birth of one of the greatest freedom fighters of India and a true patriot, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi, who started the struggle for India’s independence and took it till the end, until India gained complete independence from the British Empire. Gandhi’s policy of non violence had turned every Indian into a freedom fighter. He is also hugely praised in South Africa for his efforts to fight for the rights of native Africans during his stay there.

On 2nd October we honor the ‘Father of the Nation’ as he is fondly known, and remember his policy of non violence and its effectiveness. He showed it to the world, that the strongest of enemies can be fought without raising a single pebble or resorting to a single act of violence.

Slogans on Gandhi Jayanti in English

We have provided here some inspiring, effective and eye catching slogans on Gandhi Jayanti which you can use on this Gandhi Jayanti while celebrating the event in your school or society. Using these Gandhi Jayanti slogans you can inspire your friends and family members to actively celebrate the day and follow Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts. You can also use these slogans to increase awareness among people about Bapu’s Principles.

Unique and Catchy Gandhi Jayanti Slogans


Let’s follow the path of Truth and Non-Violence; it’s a tribute to him in true sense.


I salute Bapu who maintained peace with the help of peace.


I don’t feel any agitation in shouting loud that Bapu is the Nation’s proud.


Bapu taught that the greatness of a person is not measured by his attire but his work.


If you also want to be good, follow the path of non-violence and truth.


Despite being old, Mahatma Gandhi was enough patriotic and bold.


Even after death, Mahatma Gandhi is still in our faith.


On this occasion of Gandhi Jayanti I owe to follow the path of truth and non-violence as taught by him.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who never feared the critics, because he always believed in ahimsa ethics.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who has no desire to battle, rather he chose the way of ahimsa to settle.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who never believed in fight, but he always chose what was right.


Let’s follow thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi from our heart and mind, let’s be humble and kind.


Like Mahatma Gandhi always follow the way of ahimsa policy, and never lose a bit your morality.


If we forget what Bapu has done, we are not worthy of this freedom.


It was Bapu, who brought freedom for me and you.


Mahatma Gandhi a famous man indeed, because he had done some famous deed.



It doesn’t matter if our beloved Bapu is not with us today, but we can still follow his thoughts and preserve them for everyday.


In today’s harsh world ahimsa is way to survive, by doing this you will also bring Bapu’s thoughts to life.


If you want Bapu’s thoughts to survive, so just follow them and make them revive.


Bapu’s independence movements are what we enjoy these happy moments.


Bapu was always in action that’s why brought independence to the Nation.


Bapu brought Khadi to the Nation, but it is not followed by the new generation.


Come together to celebrate the birth of a Mahatma.


Bapu was a common man not common at all.


Don’t only celebrate Gandhi Jayanti but also understand its importance.


Mahatma, Bapu, Gandhi ji are his names, they all have the value same.



Fight for the truth and the truth will fight for you.


His sheer determination to battle, made the British to scuttle.


His policy of Non cooperation was the greatest weapon of the nation.


The toughest of goals can be achieved by the weakest of men following the path of righteousness.


The day reminds us that- even simplicity can be great.


Celebrate His superiority of mental strength over physical strength.


It’s time to remember what he once said- ‘a clean nation is more important than an independent nation’.


Mahatma Gandhi a man whose thoughts are not bound to any country.


Mahatma Gandhi a simple man in loin cloth, who challenged the mighty British Empire.


Mahatma Gandhi was a man who tried to make this world a better place.


Ahimsa is the way which can bring peace in the world.


On this 2nd October we should vow to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s principles.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who worked all his life for poor and oppressed.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who put the final nail on British Empire’s coffin.


It doesn’t matter if our beloved Bapu is not with us today, we can still preserve his soul by following his thoughts.


Mahatma Gandhi died, but his thoughts are immortal.


Mahatma Gandhi a man who conquered hearts of countless people by his ahimsa policy.



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