Paragraph on Environment

Environment is our natural surroundings that allow all living species to grow, nourish and destroy naturally on earth. Environment influences the growth and development of all the living species. Our environment gives us so much and in return we need to care for and protect our environment. Like we all design and maintain our homes for a comfortable life, we also need to design and maintain our environment to lead a comfortable and healthy life when we step out of our home. Like we all dream for a beautiful home, our nation dreams for a beautiful environment.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Environment

Environment Paragraph 1 (100 Words)

Everything around us is environment. It refers to everything that surrounds and affects us. Our ecosystem is the community of living organisms and non-living components like air, water, soil and minerals. Environment includes atmosphere, vegetation, land, soil, natural phenomena, air, water, climate and all the natural resources etc.

Living elements such as animals, birds, plants etc are the biotic factors whereas the abiotic factors include water, air, sunlight etc. Biotic and abiotic factors interact and influence each other. The four spheres of environment are Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere and Lithosphere. Besides natural environment, there is the man-made environment i.e. the areas in which man has transformed the land for personal use for urbanization and agricultural production, etc.


Environment Paragraph 2 (150 words)

Environment means the surroundings in which we all live. It includes every form of living and non-living thing on the planet earth. The major issue these days we are facing is environmental pollution. The harmful pollutants in the environment contaminate the environment and have several harmful effects on biotic and abiotic factors. The major types of environmental pollution include air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, etc.

Let us have a look at environmental pollution in detail below:

  • Air pollution: Air pollution is the emission of pollutants, chemicals and gasses in the atmosphere.
  • Noise pollution: Noise pollution off course includes the noise created by human activities, public and private transport such as aircrafts, etc.
  • Water pollution: Water pollution is caused due to the discharge of waste water from industrial, domestic and commercial waste in the surface water.
  • Soil pollution: Soil pollution is caused by the release of chemicals due to industrial, agricultural and other activities of living beings.

The environmental pollution directly affects the health of human beings as we breathe, eat, drink and live in this environment. Thus, human beings need to restrict the activities that cause pollution and damage our environment.


Environment Paragraph 3 (200 Words)

Environment is the nature and surroundings in which all plants, animals, humans and other living beings live and operate. Every living and non-living thing is related to environment. Environment plays a major role in giving birth to a new life, in the growth of a life, survival of the life and the over-all well-being of any life. It provides us with fresh air that we breathe, water that we drink, food that we eat and almost all the resources for our survival.

Environment also provides us with several other natural resources that are very important. Natural resources are the resources that environment gives us naturally without we creating it. It includes sunlight, atmosphere, land, water, plants, animals, sea life, minerals, different species and everything that occurs naturally on earth. It provides us with the resources such as fuels, metals, and most forms of energy to use.

Yet we are exploiting environment with the activities that harm environment and are overusing the resources. Human activities transform the natural environment in to human environment by constructing buildings, industries, firms and using the landscapes for the purpose of development. It is vital to use the natural resources carefully and avoid harming the nature for the healthy and naturally wealthy life.


Environment Paragraph 4 (250 words)

Environment is everything that surrounds us, living or non-living; everything is a part of the environment. It refers to the natural surroundings on the earth and the connection between all the living species with atmosphere, climate and natural resources. It is basically everything that effects human survival.

Deforestation – A Major Impact on the Environment

With the growth of population the destruction of forests has increased. The pressure of development and urbanization is depriving us from enjoying the fruits of rich green lands. In the process of deforestation the forests on earth are cleared and destroyed on a massive scale damaging the quality of our rich land.

Deforestation has a negative impact on our environment. Wild animals live in forests and many of them are diminishing and going extinct as they cannot survive without their homes that happen to be forests. Several species of animals lose their habitat in the process of deforestation. We have also lost and are continuing to lose several species of trees and plants due to deforestation.


Deforestation also leads to several climatic changes and extreme temperature that harms the living creatures. It can have several negative effects such as desertification, soil erosion, global warming, etc. Trees absorb gases released due to green-house effect and release oxygen that helps prevent global warming. Cutting down trees and clearing forests can adversely affect the environment due to release of greenhouse gases and increase in severity of global warming.


It is important to protect our forests and plant more and more trees for the better environmental conditions as forests are rich natural resources of environment and the beauty of environment lies in the green carpets. So, let us not take away the natural beauty of our land and lead a healthy and better life by protecting forests.


Environment Paragraph 5 (300 words)

Environment is everything that surrounds us natural or man-made, living or non-living. All the living species adapt themselves to conditions in their environment.

Importance of Clean Environment

People are becoming aware of the importance of clean and green environment nowadays. Maintaining cleanliness and protecting environment is the responsibility of every single person as we all are the part environment. Now cleanliness is not just limited to homes, schools and societies, it’s a wider concept. We need to keep our environment clean and green. To breathe fresh air, the air needs to be free of pollution caused due to emission of greenhouse gases. To drink purified water, the water needs to be clean and so on.

Many cleanliness campaigns such as the ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, ‘Go Green and ‘Save Narmada Agitation has been launched by the government in an attempt to protect our environment. Fifth June is celebrated as the World Environment Day to spread awareness all over the world for the protection of environment.

Harming our environment is harming our own life and life of all other species. Why would we want to grow in a toxic atmosphere? And further, is it wise to degrade our environment for future generation? Absolutely not! Clean environment and Green environment is important for healthy life and to evolve naturally. If we can damage our environment we can also heal it.

As a part of the environment, we as an individual must take steps to protect our environment by planting more and more trees, saving water, saving electricity, using ecofriendly products, using public transport, maintaining cleanliness not only at home but on roads and public places, spreading awareness and educating children about the importance of clean environment and so on. Overall, it is a wider and global issue and a lot needs to be done to preserve the richness and beauty of environment.


Environment Paragraph 5 (350 words)

Our environment includes all living and non-living things on our planet earth. Earth is a beautiful place with lavish green lands, diverse species, oceans and natural resources. The valuable things in the natural environment are natural resources. But over the past few decades global warming is causing serious damage to our environment.

Global Warming:  Impact on Environment

Global warming is the rise in the temperature of the earth and atmosphere caused by the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has severe effects on our environment. The air, water and atmosphere are toxified due to the greenhouse gas effects. Rise in population, burning of fossil fuels, clearing forests, farming and destroying garbage are major causes of global warming.

Let us have a look at some severe impacts of global warming on our environment:

  • Global warming causes more frequent and severe heat waves that give rise to several health hazards for living species.
  • Many species are affected by the rise in temperature and we are also losing some of the species due to global warming. The range of species that depend on cooler weather will face withering habitats.
  • Since the past century sea levels have raised 6.7 inches due to global warming. Ocean Glaciers melt when the earth gets warmer causing sea levels to rise.
  • Global warming also causes rise in acidification of the oceans chemistry due to the effect of carbon dioxide in atmosphere reacting to salt water. This creates risk for the ocean species.
  • Natural calamities such as droughts and floods have become more common due to global warming.
  • Due to severe heat stokes and wildfires several trees on the mountain are dying.
  • More pressure on groundwater will rise due to droughts.

Thus, global warming is a serious problem exploiting our environment and has to be prevented. We need to protect our environment from getting damaged further and avoid activities that cause damage to environment. Planting more and more trees and protecting forests and reforestation should be encouraged. Educating people about population control is vital. It is important for us to save more and more energy and decrease the use of fuels.


Environment Paragraph 7 (400 Words)

Environment is all the living and non-living things occurring naturally on the earth like sunlight, forests, animals, plants, air, water, land and everything surrounding us. It can also be defined as social, biological, economical, physical and chemical factors surrounding us. Natural environment is created by nature like air, water, fossil fuels, soil etc. while manmade environment is created by humans i.e. housing, technology, transportation, infrastructure etc.

Human Beings and Environment are interrelated

Humans are the most important part of environment; they are capable of protecting or damaging the environment and vice versa. Human beings depend on environment for a number of reasons and the environment is modified and taken care of by humans in several ways. Man and environment are responsive and affect each other in many ways.

Human beings totally depend on environment for their living and exploit nature for personal needs and comfort.  Their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing are met by the environment. Growth in population has adversely affected our natural resources such as air, water, land, forests, etc. For the development of our nation human beings have caused great harm to environment due to deforestation, industrialization, farming, poultry, etc. Global warming is responsible for constant environmental degradation.

The balance between the nature and human lifestyle is important to protect the environment. Protecting the environment, atmosphere and its various natural resources is important. It is obvious that environmental degradation can prove to be disastrous as it threatens the very existence of life on earth. Therefore, clean and green environment should be maintained for a healthy life.

Environment also directly effects man and other living beings in several ways. People are immune to live in certain climatic conditions and have figured out ways to deal with varying climatic conditions depending on where they exactly live. Human beings are sensitive to their environment i.e. they are used to certain environmental temperature and changes but extreme climate changes can affect their work environment, and health directly. Environment can also reduce or create stress which affects us in several ways. Environment through natural process or as a result of human activities has turned to affect human life through volcanos, earthquakes, rainstorms, floods, etc.


Thus, the relation between man and environment is vast and complex in nature. Humans need to care and protect environment for making earth a beautiful place for living. The environment always provides humans with so many resources for survival. The overall evolution of man has been possible due to environment.



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