AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; as the name suggests, the disease targets the immune system of the infected.  The disease is caused by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Virus. HIV Virus can transmit among humans through unprotected sex, hypodermic needle sharing or reuse or through saliva.

The initial symptoms of the infection are like any other normal flu or viral infection, involving fever, cold, cough etc. In some cases the infection might not reveal itself at all until in later stages. Its initial symptoms are mistaken for common infections and treated thus, but in its later stages the infection causes unusual ailments like tuberculosis, and other pathogenic infections which would otherwise not affect an individual with healthy immune system.

The traditional treatments don’t improve the condition of the infected, because the HIV infection considerably reduces the immunity of the affected body. The infection needs to be established by a clinical test for the presence of virus, in the blood of the infected. The disease is not curable but under correct medical treatment and guidance the infected could live longer than what he would in normal conditions. Some high income countries have normal life expectancy of the infected because of best medical care, facilities and medicines.

Since the beginning of the infection more than 35 Millions have died and over 36.7 Million people are still infected with the disease worldwide. There is a urgent need to stop the virus from spreading further by making people more aware of the causes and effects of the infection. With this main objective ‘World AIDS Day’ is celebrated worldwide on 1st December every year since 1988 i.e. to raise awareness about the disease and to stop its further spread.

AIDS and World AIDS Day Slogans in English

Below we have provided some unique and catchy slogans on “AIDS and World AIDS Day in English” for you to raise awareness about the life threatening disease and to escalate the fight against it. These AIDS and World AIDS Day slogans will also make you think about those who suffer from the disease as well as the plight and sorrow of their dependants.

The effectively written slogans will inspire you to raise public awareness about the disease and an international event observed globally to eliminate it. These slogans on AIDS and World AIDS Day are effectively written to convey the causes, effects and prevention of AIDS as well as the significance of celebrating World AIDS Day. These slogans will be really helpful for you to aware masses while celebrating the “World AIDS Day” in your school, college, hospital, office or society.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on AIDS and World AIDS Day


Be friendly very much as they need your emotional touch.


Be updated, diseased should not be hated.


AIDS does not spread by handshake, hug or sharing meals.


Gather all information, AIDS can catch anyone.


You must open your eyes before AIDS closes them.


Prevention is better than cure, but what about AIDS which has no cure.



Keep the AIDS away and sympathize with diseased anyway.


AIDS cannot be cured but yes, it can be prevented.


AIDS does not spread by virus but by ignorance and lack of awareness.


Let’s take a pledge to have safe sex.


Do hate disease but have love diseased.


AIDS is not a disease but a condition; which leads to a damaged immune system.


A single partner is like a quick shot of whisky; moving onto another makes the life risky.


Better to control your reflex than to live in regret.


Control your reflex and avoid unprotected sex.


Play it safe with a single partner or die with two. The choice is yours!


Just few minutes of pleasure can bring a lifelong curse on your family! Think about it!


The disease can travel from husband to wife; leaving the children alone and scared for life.


Unsafe medical practices can also transmit AIDS; choose your doctor carefully!



Make your doctor commit to never reuse injecting equipments.


Always use protection to satisfy your infatuation.


Reject that undue sensation and avoid medication.


The disease has no cure; you can live few more years but can never be sure.


Few minutes of satisfaction is not worth a lifetime of medication.


If you have ever crossed the line; get a checkup to know if everything is fine.


Avoid unsafe sex and get married; else you might end up in a mortuary.


The HIV virus needs an entry point to get inside your body; you just have to safeguard those entrances.


Say no to sudden infatuation; to avoid medical complication.


If you want to live longer, say no to unprotected encounter.


Give the AIDS patients a hand shake and a warm hug; they are the ones who need it more than anyone else.


AIDS doesn’t spread from physical touch but from unsafe sex; former is safe but latter is complex.


Telling people about how HIV spreads will definitely save lives and make you proud.


Ignorance is not bliss; spread the word please.


Our lack of knowledge is a key to its success; don’t hesitate to speak on AIDS.


Be caring to the diseased; AIDS doesn’t spread through physical touch.


Think how to prevent and control the disease; don’t forget to help the diseased.


Don’t let the children suffer for the mistakes of their elders. Help them!


A child with HIV positive parents can still be HIV negative; under correct medication.


Men, women, children or adults; all must be know that how it spreads.


Many people don’t even realize the threat; you just have to make them conscious.



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