Light Pollution Speech

Light pollution is also a type of pollution, the effect of which can be really damaging to the human health. Since not many of us know about this form of pollution, it becomes important to enlighten the people and make them understand where they are going wrong while making use of the electricity at their level of comfort.

Long and Short Speech on Light Pollution in English

Speech on Light Pollution is covered here which fall into two categories, viz. Short Speech on Light Pollution and Long Speech on Light Pollution.

Short speeches are made for school level students so that they can develop their basic level of understanding; whereas long speeches can prove to be really beneficial for the adults who want a more in-depth understanding on the subject matter.

However, both the types of Light Pollution speeches are written in easy to understand language without having any obscurity in the write-ups. Read on to know more!

Light Pollution Speech 1

Dear All – Warm Greetings of the Day!

I – Sameer Gupta (your host for today) – welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of today. This event couldn’t have been better as our team has been working hard day and night to make this event a success and I sincerely hope after seeing the set up and the arrangement that our hard work has literally paid off. I wish to express my gratitude for the team and yet again extend a warm welcome to our hon’ble chief guest Mr. …….

Friends, as you all know he is one the philanthropists and environmental activists, who has done stupendous work for the society and for our eco system. Sir, on behalf of everyone I want to express a deep sense of gratitude for taking your precious time out and making to this event. Needless to say, your presence has added a grace to this gathering.

Now considering our constant struggle for preserving our ecosystem, I would like to take a few minutes of yours and address a Speech on Light Pollution. Yes, it’s Light Pollution. I am sure not many of us are well-informed about it. So let’s without any further ado, get to understand about Light Pollution and its causes!

The excessive or inappropriate use of artificial light is called “light pollution”. It may have severe environmental consequences on our climate, humans and wildlife. A few constituents of light pollution are:

  • It’s called Light Trespass and it happens when light falls at an unwarranted place; where it is not needed.
  • The second constituent is Glare, which implies excessive illumination of light which causes discomfort to the people around.
  • The third one is Skyglow, which refers to illumination of the night sky over the inhabited regions.
  • The last constituent is Clutter, which refers to a huge and haphazard grouping of the artificial light sources

Light pollution has reached its worst phase because of industrial revolution and its sources are as follows:

  • Streetlights
  • Lightings at the exterior and interior of commercial setups
  • Lightings in the offices, factories
  • Illuminated sports locations
  • Illuminated billboards; etc.


Have you carefully noticed the outdoor lighting? Aren’t those lights overtly bright, inappropriately shielded, badly targeted and at several places are not even required? There are times when we don’t need these lights and are an absolute waste. Sadly, the electricity that is being used to generate lights goes absolutely waste as the light is scattered onto the sky rather than at the actual places where people need them.

I don’t want to make a case in point when I say that artificial lights affect human health. Of course, they are a vital part of human lives, but their excessive use is definitely uncalled for. Electricity is a boon for the mankind, but we should also learn to make wise use of it. Please understand that human beings are evolved in tune with the rhythm of nature, i.e. we follow a natural cycle of light-dark, day and night.

But then comes the artificial lighting, which makes us oblivious to the natural darkness at the night time. Research has suggested that artificial lights during the night time can have a negative impact on human health, increasing such risks of sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, depression, breast cancer and many more.

Now that we have got to know about the side-effects of Light Pollution, let’s try and put an end to the unreasonable use of electricity and use it only when required.

With this I end my speech, Thank You everyone!


Light Pollution Speech 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Professors and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I – Swati Verma from B.A Program – welcome everyone to our college auditorium. Before I deliver my speech, I would like to thank our hon’ble principal as well as vice principal for working in the best interest of our college and organizing such programs which raise awareness about the present sociological, political and ecological conditions of our society.

It goes without saying that the fame of our college has risen to great heights because we remain active at every front whether it’s the academics, cultural programs or sports. To us – the students – best resources have been provided so that we can grow from all the quarters. Not to say the least, our faculty is phenomenal who always stand by us to overcome the challenges in our studies. Thank you for your kind cooperation!


Now may I request everyone to let me deliver a Speech on Light Pollution! Light Pollution is not like any other form of pollution and waste. Do you know why? Because it remains mostly overlooked and unregulated in several countries. But it’s high time now that we know how to keep a check on this form of wastage by doing some minor adjustments and changing our out-of-doors lightning habits.

Firstly, let’s know the definition of light pollution! Another name of light pollution is Luminous Pollution or commonly mentioned Photo Pollution. It means the overt and misdirected use of artificial lightings inside our homes and offices. Mismanaged lights more often than not are being seen to influence the color pattern of the sky. Worst, these man-made lights eclipse the natural light of the stars and create a huge commotion in their circadian rhythm, which is a one-day course of several organisms. The brightness of these lights has a huge impact on our:

  • Environment
  • Secondly, on humans
  • Then wildlife
  • Resources of energy
  • Astronomy research

The danger associated with it is growing day by day because the demand for the man-made lightings is also increasing year after year.

In the last five decades, as countries became industrialized, urbanized and of course affluent, need for the outdoor lights grew and light pollution went beyond the city boundaries into the rural as well as the suburban regions. Please understand that outdoor lights are meant to serve a purpose, i.e. to provide people a clearer view at night and of course the much needed safety. But if you happen to exceed its justifiable limit, it will be totally unacceptable and immediate action would be called for. Learn here a few tips which are easy to follow and can help you in keeping a check on this form of pollution without having to jeopardize with your safety or comfort:

  • In the first place, it is highly advisable to switch to LED lights and bulbs which give white luminosity. Just ensure that these lights do not emit a short Blue wavelength of light which is dangerous for our eyes and may cause an impaired night vision.
  • Next, what you can do is to fix shielded lightings on the outdoor ceilings which do not emit a direct light to the sky.

Likewise, several other measures can also be taken which I would discuss towards the end of the program. Till that time, I would request you all to remain seated and enjoy the program.

Thank You!


Light Pollution Speech 3

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Professors and My Dear Friends – Very Good Afternoon to all of you!

I hope you all are enjoying today’s event to the fullest! Now I would request you to allow me to conclude my Speech on Light Pollution. Earlier, I had discussed what Light Pollution is, how it is caused and what measures can be taken in order to prevent it. Here are a few more important measures which can still be observed in order to keep this form of pollution under control, so let’s get to know them:

1) The first and more efficient method is to optimize the use of light in our houses and work place. This could be done by using sensors and other devices that senses the human presence and controls the lights accordingly. It reduces the chances of human error and also ensures optimal use of electricity.

2) Another way of considerably reducing light pollution is by ensuring that we don’t contribute to light trespass, through our houses, gardens or offices. We must use only that much of light in these places, as much is required and also make sure that the light we use, isn’t interfering with the neighboring area. For this we can use bulbs those emit concentrated light, which doesn’t scatter too much. Light trespassing is a phenomenon which contributes hugely to light pollution and must be dealt sternly. Light from our compound, falling on neighboring houses, might give someone sleepless nights.

3) Like this is the most fundamental rule that one must follow and which is to take off or avoid using outdoor lightings unnecessarily because when you are already at home during the night, the lights should not be lit up. Else switch off the power button maximum by 12 am and also ensure that the indoor lightings are turned off when you go to bed for a simple reason to bring down the level of energy consumption.

4) Last, but not the least always remain conscious about the amount of energy you consume and if needed take steps to prevent the excessive use of power whether it’s your home, community or work. Drop the curtains or the blinds so that lights do not go outside. In fact, at your workplace too request everyone to dim the lights or turn them off when not in use and especially when all the employees have left for home, in order to prevent the wastage of light. The employees could be briefed about the cost and other advantages of reducing use of light and eliminating light pollution.

So, it is highly advisable to take the above mentioned measures and act responsibly. If we change ourselves people around us will change themselves too; that’s how we bring positive transformation in our society. Wastage leads to more wastage and saving leads to more saving; so now the choice is yours whether you want wastage or saving. The more we save in every quarter of our lives; the better for us and our upcoming generation.

With this, I bring my speech to an end.

Thank You!


Light Pollution Speech 4

Warm Greetings of the Day Ladies and Gentlemen – How you all are doing?

I – Tamanna Sethi from ABC Committee – welcome you all to the 11th meet at our seminar hall! The last six months have been really challenging, but I must say that we as a team really pulled it off and significantly contributed in the preservation of our ecosystem. However, today as I stand here I want to address another issue that really caught my attention and surprised me so much, which is the grave issue of Light Pollution.

Not many of us know what light pollution exactly is and how it is caused, right! Even if we do, how many of us actually pay heeds towards it and adopts measures to prevent it. This is the reason why I thought most fit to talk about Light Pollution and the issues concerning it.

Light pollution is caused due to the overuse of artificial lights in different forms. It has a serious impact on our ecosystem and its functioning. We all know much about the common forms of environmental pollution, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution. But light pollution could sound very new to you all. It is a fact we must know that artificial lights do affect the natural light at several levels in the manner which other man-made pollutants do! Quite like other types of pollution, light pollution adversely affects human beings as well as other living organisms.

Usually, light pollution is of four types:

1) Glare:  It is nothing but a bright light which makes us uncomfortable to see across.

2) Skyglow: It’s the illuminated effect of the lights at night in the crowded places.

3) Light Trespass: It’s as the very term suggests the trespassing of light into someone else’s property or land.

4) Over Illumination: Use of light more than the limit.

5) Light Clutter: It stands for a group of artificial lights.

The most obvious reason of light pollution is the inappropriate usage of outdoor lightings. It can be anywhere, for instance in your office, at your apartment or it could even be your car headlights, streetlights, security lights, billboards, station lights and lot more. Considering these above mentioned sources, it can easily be said that photo pollution is derived from industrial civilization.

Light pollution is of course detrimental to the lives of both plants and animals. In studies, it has been found that deciduous plants which stand exposed to excessive outdoor lights become inept to shed their foliage the way they should. In animals, the impact is observed in the behavioral pattern of nocturnal animals. We all know that bright lights during the night time make it very difficult for these animals to roam around, hunt and perform their day to day activities.

Last, but not the least light pollution poses a major threat to the lives of humans as well. It is directly or indirectly accountable for causing various illnesses. Its impact is directly connected with the disturbance caused in the circadian rhythm. It increases the risks of several diseases, such as:

1) The development of cancerous cells;

2) Reduced secretion of melatonin hormone;

3) Impairment of the immune responses; etc.

Hence, light pollution is another serious type of pollution and we must take measures to curb it. With this I would like to end my speech, thank you!



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