Speech on Pollution Caused by Firecrackers

We all know that pollution is also caused by firecrackers. Despite our government putting a ban on the use of firecrackers, people are relentless and do not stop bursting crackers, especially during Diwali season. Therefore, more and more anti-firecrackers campaigns are organized in order to spread awareness and raise the consciousness of people. In fact, message can be put across with the help of speeches. If you are a part of any such campaign, then you can prepare a speech on pollution caused by firecrackers and give your contribution towards this cause. If there is anything that we can do to save our environment, we should do as a responsible global citizen.

Long and Short Speech on Pollution Caused by Firecrackers in English

In order to help you with the subject matter, both short speech on pollution caused by firecrackers as well as long speech on pollution caused by firecrackers are comprehensively prepared so that you can derive maximum benefit out of them. You can also share them amongst your social groups in order to help people understand the grave consequences of bursting firecrackers.

Pollution Caused by Firecrackers Speech 1

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman – Thank you for becoming a part of this awareness camp organized for curbing alarmingly rising air pollution level by firecrackers.

As we all know that the climatic conditions is getting from bad to worse in Delhi and to our least surprise people are even finding it difficult to breathe. Pollution level has bypassed all limits and it’s high time that we take proactive measures to get over this situation otherwise living in the city would become life threatening for everyone.

If we talk about the causes of air pollution, there are many. From an increasing number of vehicles on roads to the cutting down of trees to the burning of waste residues, etc. – there is no dearth of such factors responsible for causing air pollution. However, yet another important factor which I would like to bring in here and which hugely contributes to this grave situation is the bursting of firecrackers.

Even though firecrackers are occasionally burnt they cause a lot of noise pollution, including air pollution thereby making it difficult for us to breathe. Despite our government putting a ban on the bursting of firecrackers, we are not ceasing to act immature and merely find ways and occasions to burst crackers. The most prominent festival in our country is Diwali which is celebrated by people from all the religions. And bursting of firecrackers is a part and parcel of this festival so much so   that everyone from children to youth to adults burst crackers paying little or no heed to the fact that how much it harms our environment.

In fact a day or two before Diwali, children start bursting crackers and explosion can be heard from all the directions. We are causing a lot of harm to our environment and the sooner we realize this; the better lest we reach a stage where there would be no retracting of our steps. Let’s know in what ways firecrackers can contribute to the loss of our environment as well as health:

  • Can cause loss of hearing;
  • Can cause high blood pressure;
  • Sudden exposure to loud noise may result in permanent or temporary deafness;
  • Lack of sound sleep;
  • Risk of heart attack increases;
  • Mental and nausea impairment


According to one environmentalist Karuna Mehta, firecrackers must be banned because they can lead to a horde of health concerns. People come up with every sort of respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma.  This is not the end, the smog that is caused due to the bursting of firecrackers create a white blind sheet in the environment thereby reducing the visibility and causing accidents on the road. And the people who are most affected by the bursting of firecrackers are small children as well as old people.

It therefore becomes the responsibility of each one of us to organize many more such anti-firecrackers campaigns and urge people to stop bursting firecrackers.

With this I end my speech, thank you!


Pollution Caused by Firecrackers Speech 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Dear Teachers and My Loving Students – Warm Greetings to all of you!

Today I, Mrs. Sapna Mukehrjee, the class teacher of XII (A), would like to deliver a succinct speech on one of the pertinent topics, which is pollution caused by firecrackers.  The reason why I have picked up this topic is because our environment has been caused a great harm and there is no dearth of pollutants being released into our environment thereby making it toxic and difficult for us to breathe. Therefore, as responsible citizens it becomes our duty to bring up this issue to the fore and spread awareness amongst the people.  Then why not kick start this campaign from our very school!

Do you know students why our government is adamant on imposing ban on crackers? Well students, for those of you who don’t know I would want to say that firecrackers prove extremely damaging to our environment for a simple reason that they contain Sulphur and Carbon and release a range of gases, including such chemicals which act as a reducing agent, coloring agent, stabilizer, oxidizer as well as binder. The colors contain antimony sulphide to create glitter effect, lithium for red, aluminum for white, strontium for purple, copper for blue and barium nitrate for green.


And these crackers cause more harm to small children in comparison to adults because their capability to metabolize and flush out environmental agents is not the same. Now let us know what probable health risks can these chemicals cause once we are exposed to them:

  • Antimony and aluminum sulphide (coloring agents) leads to Alzheimer’ disease and perchlorate (potassium and ammonium), an oxidizing agent can lead to lung cancer.
  • Then there is barium nitrate which is poisonous and results in respiratory irritation, gastrointestinal problems, radioactive effects as well as muscular weakness.
  • It also results in thyroid complications as the cadmium compounds present in them cause damage to the lungs and results in gastrointestinal problems.
  • Copper and lithium compounds causes imbalance in hormones and proves extremely poisonous for animals and plants.
  • Gases released from the firecrackers result in respiratory problems.
  • Delhi hospitals report at least 30-40 percent rise in respiratory disease, wheezing, bronchitis, bronchial asthma as well as aggravation of asthma.
  • In fact, India Chest Society has released a warning about the loss of hearing, sleeping disorder, blood pressure, heart diseases and nausea impact on pet animals.
  • Of late, the government had put a ban on the explosives containing such dangerous elements like sulphurate or sulphur mixed with potassium chlorate or chlorate in other forms.

I hope I have been able to sensitize you all on the subject and could also enlighten you about the harmful impact of the bursting of firecrackers. However, this is not enough because more and more awareness can only be spread with the help of advertisements and by organizing workshops as well as seminars.

This is all from my side, thank you so much!


Pollution Caused by Firecrackers Speech 3

Dear Society Members and all the Children – Warm Greetings to everyone!

As you all know that the festival of Diwali is approaching and excitement is in the air about how we are going to celebrate this auspicious festival and whether we are likely to bag another award in a row. Of course, this festive season will be planned with equal enthusiasm and zeal in our society and our kids will get to enjoy to the fullest.

However, with special attention to our children, I would want to request them to celebrate this festival of lights without bursting crackers and help protect our environment from the harmful, toxic gases. Saving our environment or our planet implies preserving life on earth, which means inevitably we are preserving ourselves so that we can breathe in a pristine environment free from all the pollutants. Though this is not enough as there are other factors too which cause a great harm to our environment, such as toxic gases emitted from the vehicles, fumes released from the factory chimneys, etc.

But at least we can take a step forward and contribute in whatever way we can to help preserve our environment. In fact, traditionally Diwali is celebrated using earthen diyas and sweets are distributed amongst family and friends. The use of crackers began much later which creates ear-tearing noises, suffocating smoke, never ending filth and most importantly everlasting pollution. The developing country like us is continuing to grapple with the issue of environmental pollution and there seems no escape from it and with no reason to be surprised that at the time of Diwali the pollution level shoots up to 30 percent. It is computed that with every hour of firecracker show, the compound called strontium gets increased by 120 times (it is harmless in small amounts but in larger amounts it causes a lot of damage to our bones and can even lead to the blood clotting disorders) in the air.

This is not the end! The concentration of barium gets increased by 12 times, magnesium by 22 times, copper by 6 times and potassium by 11 times. Besides this, firecrackers also consist of heavy metals which are poisonous for human body and in the present time, when our nation is grappling with the issue of global warming as well as climate change, it becomes extremely important for us to know what all are the greenhouse gases that firecrackers produce, which are ozone and carbon dioxide (C02). It’d take the whole life span of about 5,000 trees to counteract the 60,000 tons of carbon release that takes place in a day.

We hail from an educated background and yet we continue to encourage such practices. Please understand that buying firecrackers is a complete waste of money and is damaging for the environment as well.

So let’s pledge this coming Diwali to say ‘No’ to firecrackers in order to prevent air pollution from happening. This is all from my end.

Thank you everyone!

Pollution Caused by Firecrackers Speech 4

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to one and all!

Welcome to yet another speech ceremony and I, Sourabh Shukla, am looking forward to address the speech topic on ‘Pollution caused by Firecrackers’. Friends, I hope you very well understand the reason behind our teacher assigning this topic to me. We are grown up, mature children to fully understand the consequences of our actions.

So I am standing here to sensitize you all on this important subject which has become a global concern these days. We all love to burst firecrackers, isn’t it? But do we realize the consequences that it follows? Perhaps not because then the issues such as global warming and climate change would not have aggravated to such an extent where globally the nations are finding it too hard to cope with.

Firecrackers are injurious to health. They are agents responsible for not only causing air pollution by emitting such toxic fumes as cadmium, copper, aluminum, sulphur and barium and such harmful gases as nitrous oxide, but are also majorly responsible for causing noise pollution. Largely, children and senior citizens get affected by the noise of crackers. The noise produced by these crackers can be so dangerous that it can even lead to permanent or temporary deafness.

Harmful gases, such as Nitrous Oxide released from the bursting of crackers remains suspended in the air till the time there is a blow of strong wind or a heavy downpour occurs. When such gases remain present in the air, it is quite likely that we inhale them while breathing thereby increasing the possibility of asthma attack amongst the people suffering from it. In fact, heart patients and those suffering from chronic bronchitis as well as low immune system are more prone to such risks.

There are colorful firecrackers too available in the market and we can’t help falling from them, right! But do you know that they are even worse for our environment because they contain heavy metals which prove to be really toxic for our surroundings. Then the gas that largely contributes to global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2) which is heavily released from firecrackers thereby further increasing the global warming risk.

Other than air pollution and noise pollution, firecrackers also create unnecessary filth all around and the sight looks so unpleasant. It is high time now that we retrospect on our actions and try to mend our ways otherwise I fear that the life on earth will come to an end and if at all human species happen to survive, it will just be a storehouse of medical conditions and ailments.

I, therefore, request everyone to help our government and support ban on the use of firecrackers only then will our existence on this planet will be fruitful and worth living. Now let me request my class teacher to come on the podium and say a few words in this regard which would really help us in enlightening others too.

Thank You!



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