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Plastic pollution is a great source of pollution both for land and water. Even worse, it is even threatening to various life forms living on land and water, for instance when plastic is consumed by animals it chokes their intestine and leads to their death. It is a much talked about topic these days and the government is putting concerted efforts to completely ban its use. You can also give your contribution towards the same by enlightening people about its harmful effects on our environment. This you can do by preparing a speech on plastic pollution and delivering it amongst the gatherings and on public platforms.

This exercise can greatly help in changing the mindset of the people and bringing a change in their lifestyle. But if you don’t know how to prepare a speech, then we are here to help you.

Long and Short speech on Plastic Pollution in English

You can study our comprehensive speeches and understand the topic well. We have both short speech on plastic pollution as well as long speech on plastic pollution to help you understand the subject matter well. So what are you waiting for? Just browse through our website and get started with these Plastic Pollution Speeches:

Plastic Pollution Speech 1

Dear Society Members and all the loving children – Warm Good Evening to all of you!

First of all, welcome to the society club house and a huge thank you for making it here on such a short notice. The reason behind calling this society meeting is to inform you about the visit of the municipality authorities today in our society, who carefully inspected our surroundings. The authorities are likely to pay such surprise visits in other neighboring societies as well. Essentially, they are urging people to maintain their surroundings as well as keep them clean and green. There is also a strong cry to completely ban the use of plastic because plastic pollution is yet another worse form of pollution which severely affects our environment.

In fact, this year’s theme for the World Environment Day is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. It calls for action from each one of us and urges us to tactically handle this grave environmental challenge which is posed before us. Our country was the host for this year’s World Environment Day and the theme was chosen by us so as to send out a strong message to everyone how favorable changes can be made in our day to day lives where the excessive burden of plastic pollution could be removed from our immediate surroundings, natural sights, our wildlife and from our very own daily activities.

I am not denying the usefulness of plastic, but we have become too much dependent on the use of plastic which has some really serious consequences to follow. Globally, about one million drinking bottles of plastic are being bought every minute and every year up to five trillion disposable plastic bags are used up. If we look at it as a whole, then about 50 percent of the plastic which is in circulation offers only one time use.

Approximately one third of the packaging in plastic tends to escape collection system which implies that it ends up choking our city roads thereby polluting our natural surroundings. It is witnessed that every year nearly 13 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans where it chokes coral reefs and poses a grave threat to the vulnerable aquatic wildlife. The plastic which is found in the oceans can surround our planet earth 4 times in one year and it can last for about 1,000 years before breaking down completely.

Plastic also tends to contaminate our water supply and thus our water bodies.  It causes a serious harm because plastic is made up of different chemicals many of which are toxic and disrupt hormonal balance. Plastics also act as a magnet for other contaminants, such as metals, dioxins and pesticides.

Friends, it is therefore highly advisable to completely shun the use of plastic and save our environment from pollution. Also, encourage others, especially your children and people in your immediate surroundings to switch to environment-friendly products and absolutely say ‘no’ to plastics.

This is all I have to say, thank you!


Plastic Pollution Speech 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to all of you!

I, Akanksha Gaur from Class-IX (C), would be your host for today’s Clean Delhi, Green Delhi program. As you all know that our school has taken the responsibility to be a part of this cleanliness drive and is trying to raise the consciousness of people so that we all can come forward for this campaign and make it a huge success. However, this is not enough because I feel that there still exists one major source of pollution in our surroundings and unless we do away with it, our mission will remain unaccomplished. And, that is plastic pollution!

From over 50 years, both manufacture and consumption of plastics are on a constant rise globally despite our government putting a ban on their use and more so because the world’s population is relentlessly growing; the amount of garbage too is growing. Even though in our day to day lives, we preferably use disposable products like water bottles and soda cans; the buildup of such products has resulted in the increase of plastic pollution across the planet. Plastic is made up of severe toxic pollutants and it can cause much harm to our environment in various ways, such as water, air and land pollution.

To put it in simple terms, plastic pollution is caused when it is strewn everywhere on the roads, lanes, dumped into the rivers, etc. It then affects our living surrounding in a negative way and cause great harm to our wildlife, plants and even human populace. Plastic is undoubtedly quite a useful material, but we shouldn’t forget that it is made up of such toxic compounds which are not biodegradable in nature and spread illness in our environment causing an irreversible harm to the living beings.


So I earnestly request everyone to completely shun the use of plastic bags and switch to paper or cloth bags even while going on a shopping. Other than this, please also avoid bringing home plastic bags and encourage everyone around to do the same while also avoiding such products that come with a lot of packaging. Even such efforts as these will greatly favor our environment by keeping a check on plastic pollution which once is done cannot be undone, i.e. its harmful effects are irreversible.

Since plastic is non-biodegradable in nature, breaking it down into fine particles is just not possible. Even burning of plastic can become too much toxic by creating lethal atmospheric conditions which can even cause death. Even worse, if plastics are dumped in landfills, it will continue to release toxins in that particular area.

So let’s come together and pledge to protect our natural environment at all costs because if we don’t then no one else will and our next generation will have to bear the brunt. The sooner the better and in case of shunning the use of plastic; there should be no further ado.

This is all from my side, everyone. Thank You!


Plastic Pollution Speech 3

Greetings of the day everyone! Please allow me to first warmly welcome our hon’ble chief guest Shri …………., the renowned spiritual guru who is in the news currently for being an active part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. But we also request our great guru to kindly facilitate our Clean City, Green City campaign wherein our chief aim is to urge people give up the use of plastic and switch to environment friendly carry bags made of paper and jute.

We are constantly seeing how plastic is affecting our environment in many ways possible by accumulating in water bodies, such as oceans, rivers, lakes and canals. Plus, we can also see them being dumped on the road side and the sight appears really filthy. Instead of shunning their use, people’s dependency is rather growing. Whether we go on a shopping or buy a small thing from the store, we carry everything in plastic bags, which is extremely disappointing. Needless to say, its use is increasing on a big scale across the globe.

Plastics are made up of synthetic polymer containing several organic as well as inorganic compounds and are usually obtained from petrochemicals such as olefins. Plastic materials are chiefly categorized as thermoplastics (polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene) and thermosetting polymers (polyisoprene). In addition to these, they can also be categorized into engineering, biodegradable and elastomeric plastics. Even though plastics are quite useful in so many ways and are quite an integral part of the large scale polymer industry, their manufacture and disposal pose a massive threat to all the living forms on our planet Earth.

It is not really known in what manner plastic disintegrates; however it is believed that it requires hundreds and thousands of years. It is not merely the buildup of plastics which affects our environment, but the toxins and fragments which are emitted at the time of photo-decomposition severely pollute both our water channels and quality of soil.

There are still some forms of plastic which decompose quickly like we have Oxo-Degradables; but whereas they tend to become less perceptible, they still hover in the environment. For instance, in ocean environments, the fragments of plastic get consumed by filter-feeding organisms. When small plankton swallows down plastic, animals in the food chain can bio-accumulate really large quantities. Floating wastes in the form of plastic which can continue to exist in water for thousands of years tend to act as a transportation apparatus for invasive species which upset the growth of the habitats.

Even drinking water quality is fast deteriorating because of the release of toxic chemicals (such as Bisphenol A, Styrene Trimer, etc) through plastics into the water bodies. These substances affect the water quality making it unfit for drinking and when consumed prove dangerous to the life forms.

It is therefore high time that we say ‘No’ to the use of plastic bags and preserve not only life forms on our planet, but our very natural living environment which makes our existence worth it.

Thank you so much everyone!


Plastic Pollution Speech 4

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

I, Sarthak Sharma from Standard-XII (C), stand in front of you all to address a very important topic which is making a lot of news these days, i.e. the adverse effect of plastic pollution. In the decade gone by, plastic is been seeing to be severely affecting our lives and health quite badly. There have been a few incidents which drew the attention of the whole world and caused a great stir about the use of plastic in our day to day lives.

So friends through the medium of my speech, I would like to draw your attention yet again to this grave concern so much so that we start taking our environment really seriously and do our every bit in preserving it. Plastic is no doubt a wonder material which is being daily used for a lot of things, but it also ends up greatly polluting our environment. Needless to say, plastic is the most toxic waste being dumped by the sea-goers and mariners into the sea. Plastic is toxic for nature because it refuses to break down. The plastic materials which are dumped along the road side or near the water bodies make the sight appear foul and filthy.

Careless throwing away of plastic can yield adverse results. Even though a plastic bag appears like a tempting jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder such as the sea turtle, but plastic as we all know is not indigestible. It can stifle, cause obstruction in the intestines or even spread infection in those animals who feed on it.

Then a plastic bag can also choke the cooling system of an outboard engine. Discarded or lost monofilament fishing line can pollute propellers, lower engine units, destroy oil seals or it can even be reduced to an entangled web for seabirds, fish as well as marine mammals. These days the most prevalent type of plastic pollution is polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C.). When blood or any food material is preserved in the above mentioned plastic container then slowly and gradually the soluble chemical gets decomposed in them leading to death because of cancer and also causing other skin ailments.

It is also said that polyvinyl chloride destroys the respiratory system of the animals, including their fertility. When mixed with water, it can even cause paralysis, cause skin irritation and damage bones.

Plastic is unceasingly used because these are easily available and affordable as well which can last for a long period of time. Unfortunately these very characteristics of plastics make us hugely dependent on them and cause a big pollution problem. Since the plastic is cheap, it is more and more used and frequently dumped, the persistence of which causes a great harm to our environment. Urbanization has also caused an increase in the plastic pollution in concentrated form in big cities.

In the end all I want to say is that plastic is not a problem, but its excessive use can cause a great problem and therefore we should stop ourselves while also encouraging others to keep a check on their use and not throw it carelessly here and there.

This is all from my side and with this I conclude my speech. Thank you everyone!



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