Road safety methods and measures are very necessary to all of us to reduce the risk of accident or serious injury. It is very necessary for the safety of common people inclduing cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and passengers. Everyone must follow traffic and road rules made by the government.

Following slogans on road safety can help you to make people aware about the road safety as well as encourage them to follow the road safety measures. You can use road safety slogans to motivate people during any related event or campaign celebration.

Road Safety Slogan

Be alert to be safe and secure.


Be alert while driving on road.


Follow road safety rules!


Keep you informed with road safety norms.


Be alert to save your life.


Be alert as accidents hurts.


Normal speed meets the road safety needs.


Be alert to reduce road side accidents.


Alert today to live tomorrow.


Don’t be fool, respect road safety rules.


Be a driver not clever while driving.


Be a best driver to be a good survivor.


Remember it just, road safety is must.


Wrong driving may stop your breathe and cause death!


Fast driving is prohibited, follow it!


Fast driving is not safe, follow the limit to avoid chafe.


Be sure to tie seat belt before driving the car.


Be sure to wear helmet before driving bike.


Think about safety first then drive.


Always remember; drive slower to live longer.


Drive slowly; someone is waiting at home.


Stop driving fast before accident stop you.


Obey traffic police; follow traffic rules to avoid accidents.


Drive safely to make accidents rarely.


Follow road culture to save your future.


Fast speed driving becomes thriving but life taking.


Don’t use phone while driving, it will leave your family alone.


Adjust mirrors while driving can save you from dying.


Your destination is sure with safe driving.


Don’t drive in wrong lane; it will leave you in pain.


Roads are made to drive but not to fly.


Accidents are held by mistake, if you take road rules as fake.


Drunk and drive cannot go together.


Never drink while driving.


Drive slowly, as fast drive can be last drive.


Always use seat belt, to reduce accident rate.


Follow driving tips all through the day to keep accidents away.


Your little care while driving can make accidents rare.


Injury gives your tears whereas safety cheers.


Always wait for red; don’t go for bleed.


Don’t be fool, follow traffic rules.


It’s wise to be slow while driving.


Don’t be in hurry otherwise you will get worry.


Keep your eyes on the road even in the lack of crowd.


Follow traffic rules and save lives.


Don’t be blind keep in mind all the road safety measures.


Drug, drink and drive never go together.


Teach your neighbor to be a good driver.


Road safety is the utmost priority.


Life is too precious to lose in an accident.


Stay alert for the safety of your own as well as other’s.


Don’t copy fools; promptly follow traffic rules.


Wear a helmet to protect your head, else you could be dead.


Seat belts save lives and avoid hungry children, mourning wives.


Don’t let your family suffer for your negligence.


It’s always better to reach late than never; don’t speed up!


Always rescue an accident victim; leaving someone writhing in pain is a cowardly act.


Breaking the rules is not courageous when your life is at stake.



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